ASUS ROG Swift: Would You Spend $800 On A Gaming Monitor?

asus rog swift monitor

One of the fastest monitors ever made: Asus ROG Swift with G-Sync

Gaming is a pretty big industry right now thanks to the emergence of huge prize monies in competitions like the Dota 2 International and even League of Legends (some $1.4 million as the first prize reward in 2013). Do gaming peripherals really affect their chances of winning and how much? There are other options you have in this regard just in case you’re seriously thinking about getting a gaming monitor for yourself. I’d suggest referring to this comparison chart here since it basically lists down the latest gaming monitors along with the technical specifications for you to nitpick and compare with the others.

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Using A Different Pillow Can Change Your Sleep (And Life)

Everyone needs a restful sleep at night. It is important for people to have about 8 hours of good quality sleep daily. You can find rising accounts of fatality on account of getting over-worked and having insufficient sleep during the night. Lacking the ideal sleep through the night will influence how we live, whether it be at your workplace or studies. For instance, neck pain is a very common problem among the general public. By switching out your pillow for one that is specially made to remedy neck pain, like the ones here, you’ll be able to enjoy a much higher quality of sleep.

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Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life With The Right Mattress

a Serta king size mattress

Serta’s standard king size

Having trouble falling asleep? It could very well have to do with your pillow or mattress rather than a psychological cause, experts say. A simple question to ask yourself would be whether you feel any aches whatsoever when getting out of bed in the morning. Neck aches are common among those who are not having the ideal sleep at night due to certain mattress deficiencies such as comfort, support, heat distribution or even the size. If you have enough space in your room, try getting a good king size mattress instead. You can find the best ones here:

Having improper heat distribution might sound foreign to most people, but it’s in fact one of the biggest and most important factors that will affect how well you sleep at night.

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Rearing Chickens As A Pastime: Is This Advisable?

Chickens are usually raised by people today for many reasons. You will discover individuals who are simply seeking to get this done as an interest. There are those health aficionados who are looking for alternatives to the commercially produced merchandise that are considered to be harmful to their long-term wellbeing.

chicken coop polished wood

A polished finish on your chicken coop can make it look many times better.

Although this may possibly seem like a wonderful project to undertake, you are going to inevitably find it necessary to shell out a decent length of time and effort on it. It isn’t very expensive to start a chicken coop, contrary to what many people seem to think. In fact, the total cost might very well be below $300 if you know what you’re doing (I recommend these chicken coop plans here).

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Do You Have An Ant Or Termite Infestation At Home?

ant line

An ant line forming up to carry food back to their nest.

As opposed to typical perception, it isn’t hard to get rid of pests at home provided you use the right methods. Bugs will unavoidably result in some harm, both to a person’s health or even his property, so ignoring minor signs of an infestation may not be a good idea. Ants are considered to be the toughest as well as prevalent pest on the planet.

Getting rid of the whole nest will be important if you would like to stop an ant infestation. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of ants could be produced each day by an ant queen, so it’ll be difficult to slow or perhaps stop them totally. An effective way to remove an ant infestation is to apply ant poison as that may cause the whole colony to be affected. More information on that topic here:

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